Our Purpose

We exist for two (2) main purposes:

  • To provide a joint platform for INGO members to promote a collective approach to efficiently and effectively coordinate interventions and address key issues of common interests.
  • To provide a coordinated approach through which INGOs, the Government of Nigeria (GoN), the UN, donors and other external stakeholders can exchange information and shared expertise, and establish guidelines for a more coordinated, efficient and effective use of aid resources in Nigeria.

Our History

With challenges around the duplication of efforts and recognizing the urgent need for effective coordination in the delivery of aid in north-east Nigeria, Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF) was born in October 2014. NIF was established in 2014 to facilitate the coordination and cooperation of humanitarian and development INGOs and between INGOs and external stakeholders including Government of Nigeria, Nigerian civil society, UN agencies, diplomatic actors, and donors. In 2014, membership of NIF was fourteen (14) agencies and by the end of 2020, NIF has increased to fifty-four (54) members including six (6) observers. In response to the escalation of conflict in the north-east and increase in humanitarian needs, as well as presence of operational actors, NIF has a sub office in Maiduguri, Borno State to facilitate coordination, advocacy and external stakeholder engagement.


Our Secretariat

There are currently twenty (20) staff, including interns, based in Abuja and Maiduguri, led by the Director, and accountable to all Country Directors and Humanitarian Managers.

Steering Committee: An elected body of a minimum of five (5) representatives at Country Director level to strategically guide the Secretariat on key decisions and work-plans, and agreed to priorities. Current representatives include:

Platforms and Working Groups

This include Country Directors Plenary Assembly, Humanitarian Managers Platform, Human Resources Working Group (HRWG), Logistics Working Group (LWG), Finance Working Group (FWG), and other Ad hoc Working Groups or committees set up based on need. Visit the INGO Coordination Platform page for more information.

Our Funding