Terre Des Hommes: Deputy CPiE/EiE Project Manager


Terre des hommes (Tdh) is a child relief Non-Governmental Organization with a  presence in over 30 countries of the world and more than 90 projects. Our goal is to make a significant and lasting difference to the lives of children in need. We support children in areas of Child and Maternal health, Protection, Water and sanitation and Migration. Our humanitarian service sectors help children in crisis situations across the world. Tdh in Nigeria implements projects in Health, Wash and Child Protection and Education in Emergencies sectors.

General objective
The Deputy Child Protection/Education in Emergencies Project Manager will work in a close collaboration with CP/EiE Project Manager providing an overall oversight for implementation and follow up of child protection and education activities in a project location of Borno State. He/she will provide  technical support and operational oversight for all the programmatic activities in the field location, being guided by the Project Follow Up and other project documents.  His/her roles and responsibilities will be laid down along managerial, reporting, technical and operational dimensions.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Oversee implementation of the CP/EiE project activities in a project location of Borno State, in accordance with the Project Follow Up and other project documents to ensure that objectives are reached and indicators are adequately and timely measured;
  • Directly supervise and support the field-based Team Leader, jointly shape weekly and monthly action plans and oversee their implementation;
  • In a close coordination with the field-based Team Leader, supervise PSS Officers, Case Worker Officers and Community Development Officers to ensure that i) activities are carried out accountably and efficiently and are documented ii) gender is mainstreamed into activities iii) beneficiary’s participation is included from the onset of the project;
  • In a close coordination with the M&E Officer and Data Officer, ensure that the project database is regularly and accurately updated and the M&E plan is followed up in a timely manner;
  • Close and constant collaboration with the Logistics Department: contribute to development of Procurement Plans, submission of procurement and service requests and a close follow up on them, ensuring timely delivery of goods and services to the field location, drafting of and follow up on the weekly Movement Plans;
  • Close coordination with the Finance Department: participate in the FMT  revision meetings, follow up on payments of volunteers etc;
  • Close coordination with the HR/Admin Department: participate in revision of Job Descriptions, staff recruitment, staff performance appraisals, follow up on attendace records of staff and volunteers, field accommodation etc;
  • Close coordination with Capacity Building Officer: participate in identification of the knowledge and skills needs of the CP/EiE team under his/her supervision and ensure those needs are addresssed in a timely manner, contribute to shaping the training/workshop packages and their implementation;
  • Perform field monitoring visits to the project location on a regular basis providing technical and operational support to the field-based teams, identify potential additional needs of the teams and of the communities, make recommendations, and ensure appropriate action is taken;
  • Participate in drafting narrative reports to the funding institutions, submit weekly/monthly reports to the CP/EiE Project Manager
  • Inform the CP/EiE Project Manager of identified challenges and delays of project implementation and assist in identification of possible solutions or mitigation measures;
  • Actively participate in the CP/EiE needs assessments by mobilizing community members, conducting interviews, administering surveys and producing quality needs assessments reports;
  • Contribute to development of technical documents in the field of PSS, Case Management, community-based outreach as well as multi-sectorial programming;
  • Contribute to implementation of the CPMS Action Plan, both at the Maiduguri and the field levels;
  • Deliver any other tasks as assigned by the Child Protection Project Manager.

External coordination and representation

  • Participate in the relevant inter-agency CPiE, EiE, general coordination meetings and fora to ensure that Tdh activities are well communicated, uncovered protection needs are identified and humanitraian and government actors are sensitized toward child protection needs, risks and concerns;
  • Routinely coordinate and collaborate with the CP/EiE, non-CP actors, government agencies at the Maiduguri and the field levels to effectively contribute to establishment of well-functioning referral pathways, avoid gaps and ovalaps with other humanitarian actors and government agencies, and forge synergies with different service providers;
  • Contribute to development of a community network to facilitate the project acceptance and stakeholder’s contribution and ownership;

 Child Protection

  • Promote, and ensure project activities are in line with Child Protection Minimum Standards and humanitarian principles
  • Ensure that project activities are well-integrated into the Northeastern Nigeria child protection system and humanitarian coordination practices and guidelines;
  • Ensure Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy are respected at all times, cases of abuse are reported through established reporting channels in a timely and confidential manner.


  • Fully comply with Tdh Global Code of Conduct and ensure Child Safeguarding Standards are upheld at all times;
  • Adhere to and ensure the team under her/his responsibility follows Tdh administrative and logistical regulations and procedures

 Mandatory requirements

  • Language Skills: Fluent in local languages and in English (speaking/reading/writing)
  • Education Degree: University degree in social work, social studies, international development, psychology, education or any other related discipline
  • Work experience: Minimum 3 years experience in the field of child protection / protection / social work / education combined with a team management experience
  • Knowledge & skills: Excellent analytical and writing skills
  • Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of the MS office software
  • Other: skills in project cycle management


  • Other knowledge: Acquaintance with NGO’ rules, procedures and regulations; Acquaintance with the Child Protection Minumim Standards
  • Interest:
  • Work in relief or development sector
  • Strong motivation to help people in needs
  • Transversal skills
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Reliable, rigorous and well organized
  • Motivated and dedicated to his/her job
  • Ability to take initiative to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work
  • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation
  • Autonomy, neutrality, hard worker
  • Able to manage stress and pressure
  • Able and willing to learn to extend his/her scope of work
  • Able to manage priorities, take initiatives and work without constant supervision

Interested candidates should submit copies of updated CV, letter of motivation and 3 reference contacts in a single file.
Applications should be sent to tdh.jobs.nigeria@gmail.com
Application Deadline 31st March 2019

Kindly note that CVs will be reviewed on roll in bases; the position must be clearly indicated on the subject line of the application. Only candidates who meet the selection criteria will be conducted.  

This position is open to Nigerian national only.



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