TEARFUND: Disaster Management Capacity Strengthening and Peace Building Project Officer


JOB TITLE: Disaster Management Capacity Strengthening and Peace Building (DMCS/PB) Project Officer
GROUP: West Africa (WA)
TEAM: International Group
DURATION: Two Years (January 2019 – December 2020)
LOCATION: Jos (with frequent travel around North Central, North East and parts of North West states)
RESPONSIBLE TO Country Representative/ Country Director

Purpose of the Team:
To contribute towards Tearfund’s corporate vision of seeing all people freed from
poverty, living transformed lives and reaching their God-given potential.

Main purpose of the Job:
To provide programmatic and project management support to the Country
Representative for Nigeria in Disaster Management Capacity Strengthening and Peace
building Response projects in support of the Nigeria peacebuilding plan, ensuring that
Partners, Communities, Religious bodies and faith groups are mobilised to work towards
achieving greater social cohesion outcomes and that communities develop adaptive
mechanisms for disaster response leading to resilient communities against the effects of
conflict and fragility. The job holder will ensure that projects are identified, designed,
planned, implemented, monitored, evaluated and reported in accordance with Tearfund’s
Peace building and Disaster Management Capacity Strengthening key indicators.

The job holder will be required to support and facilitate the Disaster capacity assessment
and strengthening of humanitarian and Relief partners and also support M & E roles
within the Tearfund portfolio and he/she will coordinate learning and exchange visits.

The job holder will be responsible for providing support to partners, inspired individuals
and agents of change to mobilize Christians and Muslims, fragile and vulnerable
communities prone to conflict and to work together with them to achieve peaceful
coexistence and proactively work to mitigate the effects of natural or man-made

Position in Organisation
The post-holder is responsible to the Country Representative for Nigeria.
The post holder will:

  1. Work closely with relevant implementing Partners, relating to the relevant project
    management staff.
  2. Have responsibility to represent Tearfund as delegated by the Country
    Representative in networks, forums, INGO meetings, Government Departments
    and/or UN bodies on matters relating to the project.
  3. Work closely with the relevant Programme Officers and Thematic Support Team
    advisers based in the UK and in particular with the Peacebuilding and Fragile States

Participation in the Spiritual Life of Tearfund
The post-holder will be required to actively participate in the spiritual life of
Tearfund in the following ways:

  • To model godly leadership in all aspects of character and conduct,
    championing the adoption of behaviours that embed the Fragile States DNA
    in our programming.
  • To lead or contribute in Christian worship, prayer, teaching and biblical
    reflections during collective staff prayer times and encourage staff to attend
    as is appropriate.
  • To be committed to and share in the outworking of Tearfund’s Mission,
    Purpose, Values and Beliefs statement.
  • To actively work and live in accordance with Tearfund’s Statement of Faith
    and Tearfund’s Christian ethos.
  • To pursue and maintain a Christian faith through ongoing personal spiritual
    development and a relationship with God.
  • To provide support and spiritual encouragement to staff and colleagues, in
    line with biblical principles.
  • The post-holder will be expected to behave in accordance with Tearfund’s
    ‘Code of Conduct’ as referred to in the Personal Conduct Policy.

Humanitarian Strengthening and Disaster Response

  • Encourage partners to take on the leadership of their humanitarian capacity
    strengthening work.
  • Work with partners to identify and prioritise their humanitarian capacity
    strengthening needs through facilitating capacity self-assessments.
  • Support partners to develop and implement their humanitarian capacity
    strengthening plans in collaboration with other key stakeholders and within
    Tearfund guidelines.
  • Build upon partner’s experiences to promote peer to peer learning and regular
    exchange between partners.
  • Provide guidance to partners to strengthen their organisational and humanitarian
    systems and procedures in line with Tearfund and Core Humanitarian
    Management Standards.
  • Support partners to improve systems, procedures and practice in accordance
    with the following standards: Tearfund, Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) and
    other relevant mechanisms.
  • Support partners to strengthen their disaster risk reduction (DRR) procedures
    and programmes.
  • Support partners to prepare for emergencies, including facilitating emergency
    preparedness and emergency simulation workshops.
  • Support partners to apply new knowledge and skills in existing programmes
  • In the event of partners responding to an emergency; provide field level
    operational support and accompaniment to partners. This may include
    accompaniment of partner staff to demonstrate good practice in rapid
    assessment, project design, targeting, funding proposals, accountability
    mechanisms, monitoring, evaluation and learning and coordination with Tearfund
    and the Humanitarian community in Nigeria.

Peacebuilding project leadership, and programme implementation and facilitation

  • To ensure the full implementation of Tearfund Peace building implementation plan
    for Nigeria.
  • To be involved in mainstreaming Peace-Building as a cross-cutting theme across
    all of Tearfund’s programmes.
  • To support (nurture, equip and connect) individuals trained in peacebuilding in
    Nigeria developing a self-sustaining growing network of peacebuilders.
  • To provide technical leadership to Peace Building and promotion of justice
    projects, programmes and issues in Tearfund’s operations.
  • Create relevant donor liaison and develop proposals to ensure adequate funds for
    Peace Building activities as per Tearfund’s strategic guidelines.
  • Provide relevant technical support and capacity building to partners.
  • Design, adapt and apply capacity strengthening tools and resources for use with
    partners and in particular to drive the uptake of conflict analysis and conflict
    sensitivity assessments as a routine part of project planning and
  • Provide support to learning reviews and evaluations and participate as required.
  • Complete regular programme and partner updates including collecting studies of
    change from partners and providing reports.
  • Work with Tearfund and partner programme staff to integrate key thematic
    initiatives into humanitarian programmes including Disaster Risk Reduction,
    protection mainstreaming, gender and inclusion.

Monitoring review and & Reporting

  • Support partners and staff in the adoption of TRACK as it relates to disaster
    management capacity strengthening and peacebuilding programming.
  • Monitor partner’s activities providing support on how communities and faith
    groups can develop capacities disaster management and in non-violent conflict
  • Ensure the timely compilation of situation updates, project and monthly narrative
    reports for Country Programme Office management, in accordance with required
    reporting formats.
  • Support in the inputting of IBIS requirements in relation to projects related to
    Peace building, including project updates on proposals, reports, organisation
    details and any other necessary details.
  • Build capacity in project evaluations and assist in the analysis of results to
    assess, affectivity, quality and transformational use of resources. And project
    impact as per Tearfund impact indicators guidelines.
  • Build capacities of Tearfund local partner organisations and faith leaders by
    providing advice and technical assistance through needs identification and funding
    and implementing relevant trainings, exchange learning, mentoring and coaching

External Relationships / Representation

  • Build positive working relationships with faith groups and community leaders
    through local partners, raising awareness on the work of Tearfund.
  • Attend relevant inter-agency coordination meetings as delegated by the Country
  • Assist in developing collaborative church related programmes with agencies and
    national partners in accordance with country strategy.
  • Attend relevant inter-agency workshops, conferences and sector coordination
    meetings which promote the vision and mission of Tearfund.
  • Host regular and timed visits to partners project sites with interested stakeholders.

Health and Safety and child protection

  • To adhere to Tearfund’s Health and Safety Policy as it relates to areas such as fire
    safety, accommodation and vehicles.
  • Ensures that health and safety accidents are reported to the Country Representative
    and logged appropriately.
  • Adhere to Tearfund child protection and gender policy requirements.

Good Practice and Institutional Learning

  • Ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with signatory codes of conduct
    and accepted good practice.
  • Identify key lessons learnt from project reviews and evaluations and ensure learning
    is understood and disseminated to partners, local stakeholders, Country programme and
    UK-based stakeholders.
  • Encourage learning from project staff and identify case study themes / issues from
    project experience for analysis, dialogue and possible formulation into emerging best
    practice and policy.

Corporate Policies, Management Systems and Procedures

  • Contribute towards the promotion and adherence to Tearfund’s Purpose, Basis of
    Faith, Core Values and Operating Principles and translate the Tearfund heart to partners.
  • Undertake all activities in accordance with internal management systems, operating
    procedures and policies, and monitor and facilitate field-based partner project work to
    maintain compliance.

Interested applicants should send their application with not more than two pages summary CV to Tearfund Nigeria Country Representative: nigeria-cr(at)tearfund.org. All applications should reach the Country Representative by 4 pm, Thursday 13th December 2018.

Short-listed applicants will receive an email invitation for interview tentatively fixed for Wednesday 19th or Thursday 20th December 2018.

For more information on person specification, Click Here.


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