North-east Nigeria post-elections: Massive new displacements in an increasingly volatile security situation


Geneva Briefing – Switzerland, Thursday 28 March 2019.

The Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF), with support from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and OCHA, is organising a briefing focused on the deteriorating situation in north-east Nigeria and the harsh operational realities of the crisis. Jennifer Jalovec, the Director of NIF, will provide an overview of the current constraints; the limited humanitarian access; the rising forced displacement; congestion and the ever growing protection concerns, such as restrictions on freedom of movement. With the Nigerian elections just concluded, this is a timely and unique opportunity to reengage the international community and the newly elected Government of Nigeria to address this pressing crisis and identify solutions and recommendations for change.

Ongoing conflict, including increasing attacks by non-state armed groups (NSAGs), has caused mass displacement with over 120,000 civilians living in north-east Nigeria fleeing their homes in the last six months. Thousands are arriving into heavily congested IDP sites, with insufficient food, water or humanitarian assistance. With the rainy season looming- and the risk of disease outbreaks, as well as the high risk of renewed military offensives, the civilians of north-east Nigeria need urgent support from the international community. Significant access constraints, insufficient funding and limited availability of land results in organisations struggling to respond in a timely manner and in line with SPHERE standards. This briefing will set out the scale of the challenges facing organisations, including those posed by a lack of trust between the authorities and humanitarian actors, and the competing humanitarian and development agendas in the country. The recommendations will then look at what the international community can do to re-focus on and support what continues to be one of the world’s most severe protection crises.

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