Any organisation interested in joining us must meet the following requirements:

Operates independently of any government and must be non-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-proselytising. Full presence in Nigeria and legally eligible to work in the country (or in the process of becoming legally established).
Clearly demonstrates a commitment to abide by NIF Statutes of Governance and Nigerian law. Provides humanitarian, recovery or development oriented assistance in line with the Humanitarian Principles, Do No Harm, the Code of Conduct of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.

Joining us comes with individual and institutional benefits. You will have the opportunity to connect, advocate, share resources, partake in decision-making, improve capacity among others.


  • Country directors meeting (plenary assembly) and hangout
  • Humanitarian Managers Platform
  • HR, finance and logistics meetings and get-together
  • Annual general assembly for members and partners including donors


  • Opportunities to share opinion and participate in high-level advocacies
  • Strategic engagements with community leaders and civil society regulators
  • Get informed on regulatory, bureaucratic and operational issues affecting civil societies


  • Provision of guidance on key government regulatory and bureaucratic processes including registration, visa issuance, tax compliance, etc.
  • Protection of member interest at all times with government agencies and other critical stakeholders
  • Access to capacity development initiatives for staff and organisations

  • Receive regular updates from NIF on emerging issues, achievements and challenges within humanitarian/development communities
  • Receive first-hand updates on funding and job opportunities
  • Share reports, initiatives, jobs, tenders, events, achievements, opinions, etc. with others
  • Learn about NIF members through interactive information management platform


  • Opportunities to have a say in decision-making processes at the highest level through NIF's representation in coordination platforms
  • Kept a braced of critical steps before, during and after decision-making processes

Our membership is for a renewable period of a year. Existing members must pay annual membership fees due in the first three (3) months of receiving the annual request payment form from us. Once the due date elapsed, you will be required to go through the membership process again.

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The following grounds apply for discontinuation of NIF membership:

  • You cease operations in Nigeria beyond six (6) months;
  • You formally notify the Secretariat Director of intention to withdraw and it is acknowledged;
  • A majority vote for exclusion from NIF based on:
    i.   Activities not in line with SOGs or are detrimental to NIF;
    ii.  No longer able to meet membership criteria; and
    iii. Unable to participate in any NIF activity for at least two (2) months
  • You failed to attend three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled Country Director Plenary meetings without valid justification;
  • Failure to provide basic information used to support NIF advocacy and accountability efforts.
Complete our application form online. All required documents must be duly signed, uploaded and submitted online along with the application form.

You are formally endorsed or recommended by two (2) existing NIF members acting as reference.

Acceptance into our membership is subject to a review and a unanimous vote by the Steering Committee or a two-thirds votes of country directors. This process may take 2 days to 3 weeks.

Acceptance or rejection of your membership will be communicated in writing to you.

We currently have 54 INGOs as our members implementing diverse interventions in the field of humanitarian, recovery and development across Nigeria. See the full list of our members.

We are committed to creating a transparent and strong platform for engagement with key stakeholders. To ensure diversity of views and perspectives and respect the independence of non-traditional INGOs, organisation can be part of us as an observer.

Observers may include:

  • International humanitarian organizations
  • International research, capacity building and think-tank institutes.

To become an observer, please complete our application form online. You must sign, upload and submit all required documents along with your application. NIF is composed of full members and observers and will continue to remain open to new members throughout its lifetime.

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