MAG INTERNATIONAL: Call for Expression of Interests (EOI) for MAG Risk Education Project


About Mines Advisory Group (MAG): MAG is a humanitarian non-governmental organisation that works to save and improve lives by reducing the devastating effects armed violence and remnants of conflict have on communities around the world. MAG’s international headquarters is based in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK). MAG has been operational in Nigeria since early 2016, with teams based in Abuja and Maiduguri. See

Overview of MAG Risk Education Project: As part of a project funded by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Humanitarian Financing Unit (OCHA-HFU) also referred to us Nigeria Humanitarian Pool Fund; MAG is initiating Risk Education activities in Borno state.

MAG implements risk education (RE) activities to reduce the risk of death and injury from a range of weapons and explosive hazards, including landmines, explosive remnants of war (ERW), and improved explosive devices (IED). MAG uses a variety of engaging and participatory communication channels to share RE messages once target groups have been identified and messages have been tailored. These channels can include face-to-face RE activities at the community or the household level.

With a base in Maiduguri, and in close coordination with Nigerian authorities, MAG will provide risk education (RE) activities for more than 40,000 individuals across Borno state under this project, which runs until May 2019. The project will ensure continuation and consolidation of results so far achieved by MAG and its partners in North East Nigeria as one of the only two humanitarian mine action (HMA) actors operational in the North East. Against the background of the crisis in the North East, HMA represents a crosscutting intervention responding to humanitarian Early Recovery needs, as well as being a vital contributor to longer-term stabilization in identified targeted areas.

 Capacity Requirements of Local Partner: To ensure widespread RE across Borno, MAG is looking for a partner organisation to collaborate in the implementation of activities. MAG will select a partner with the ability to provide the following:

  • Registration: Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission or the State government in which it operates as a legal, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) or civil society organisation (CSO).
  • OCHA CBHF’s Due Diligence: The Organisation should have passed the OCHA HFU due diligence process and listed in their low risk database of eligible partners.
  • Coverage: Widespread operational scope and demonstrated presence operating across Borno state.
  • Experience: Demonstrated experience of previous activities with international organisations.
  • Skilled field based staff: The ability to dedicate five (5) skilled staff members to this activity. Staff must have previous experience in accessing, engaging and facilitating community level activities. Due to the nature of work in remote areas, staff members may also have to work on a continuous basis for three weeks per month (7 days per week), with the last week off.
  • Skilled support staff: The ability to dedicate these staff, plus support staff to the project for a period of 2 months (5 working days per week) from January 2019. Staff must adhere to conflict sensitive values, while ensuring delivery of activities on need basis, recognizing the full range of interests and perspectives held by women, girls, boys and men without discrimination.

MAG’s Partnership Approach: MAG has a partnership approach to ensure a more sustainable impact for both the conflict-affected community and partner organisation; who will benefit from capacity building opportunities with MAG. The selected partner organisation will receive high level RE training with MAG’s teams. The necessary equipment for activity implementation will also be provided to staff for use until the end of the project period.

Selection Criteria: The organization will be chosen based on the above mentioned capacity requirements in a transparent process following the closing date for applications, details of which are below. Applications will be reviewed by the MAG Selection Committee and a shortlist of selected organisations will be contacted for further assessment.

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