Jesuit Refugee Service: Project Director


Job Locations: Adamawa, Borno, Cross River

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. JRS undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support of an international office in Rome. Founded in November 1980 as a work of the Society of Jesus, JRS was officially registered on 19 March 2000 at the Vatican State as a foundation.

JRS programmes are found in 51 countries, providing assistance to: refugees in camps and cities, individuals displaced within their own countries, asylum seekers in cities, and to those held in detention centres. The main areas of work are in the field of education, emergency assistance, healthcare, livelihood activities and social services. At the end of 2016, more than 733,400 individuals were direct beneficiaries of JRS projects.

Role and/or Mission.
The Project Director is responsible for the direction and coordination of projects and their staff at the local / field level. S/he assumes direct responsibility on the ground, in close collaboration with the Country Director and Head of Programs. With the Head of Programme, whom s/he represents on the ground and to whom he/she reports, s/he maintains regular contact for all aspects of project implementation and personnel management. The Country Office must, through its technical components of Head of Programme, National Finance Administrator, National Logistics officer and Human Resource manager, support, coach and supervise him in this task

The Project Director’s main mission is to ensure and guarantee:

  • Representation of JRS with other humanitarian partners in the field as well as with the local public administration.
  •  Respect and safeguard the vision, values, identity of JRS as well as ensure the unity of project teams at the local level.
  • The preparation of project and budget proposals, in collaboration with the project teams, Project Managers and the Programs Department.
  • Operational planning of the activities of the project (s), in collaboration with the field teams, Project Managers and the Programs’ Departments.
  • Coordination of activities and monitoring and evaluation in order to achieve the objectives and the respect of the results indicators, in close collaboration with the Project Managers and the Programs Department.
  • The planning of the financial and human resource forecasts required for the implementation of the projects, in collaboration with the Financial Administrator and the Project Managers.
  • Financial management of projects, in close collaboration with Project Managers and Financial Administrator.
  • Coordination of the logistics and the base, in close collaboration with the Logistician.
  • Supervising, coaching, motivation, safety and well-being of project teams.
  • Preparation of the monthly, semi-annual and annual report of the activities of the project (s) at the Country Office, in collaboration with project teams.
  • Evaluation of all staff engaged in project activities, in close collaboration with senior management staff.


From this mission, the following responsibilities are assigned to the Project Director:

1) At the Level of Management And Coordination of Field Projects:

  • Appropriation and mastery of JRS procedures and guidelines for effective field implementation.
  • Develop dynamism towards the implementation of all aspects of projects in accordance with the project documents approved by the Country Director and the donors.
  • Strengthening the support aspect within the project teams, maintaining contact with the people served as well as their adherence to the objectives of the project.
  • Development of initiatives for the improvement of projects and the elaboration of new project proposals idea to be presented to the Head of Programme for analysis.
  • Regular analysis of the needs of the people served (refugees/displaced/returned/host populations) to suggest new initiatives and solutions to the Country Director.
  • Facilitate strategic thinking and project evaluation.
  • Encourage and respect use of JRS’ project development and narrative and financial reporting formats.

2) At the Level of Field Staff Management :

  • Support, coach and motivate project teams to implement high quality the project (s).
  • Coordinate and facilitate regular meetings.
  • Ensure that each staff member has a signed contract, signed a copy of the code of conduct and other JRS policies as required by all staff.
  •  Ensure that contracts, job descriptions, code of conduct and other JRS policies have been clarified and discussed with each and every staff member so that they understand their roles, their duties and responsibilities as members of the project team (s)
  • Establish a system for evaluating the performance of every personnel member involved in projects, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department and Senior management staff.
  •  In close collaboration with the Human resource department and senior management staff, assist in decision-making concerning the recruitment of staff and the termination of contracts.

3) At the Level of Financial Administration:

  • In close collaboration with the Financial Administrator, ensure the management of the finances of the project (s) and guarantee the maintenance of regular, clear and transparent accounts of all the expenses of the project (s).
  • In collaboration with the National finance Administrator and Head of Programme, develop and submit annual budgets to JRS and donors.
  •  Ensure, with the support of National finance Administrator, that project expenditures comply with the budget lines approved by the donors or by the Country Director.
  •  Ensure the regular sending of the monthly financial accounts to the National Office.

4) At the Level of Supply Management and Logistics:

  • Ensure that equipment and other supplies necessary for the implementation of projects are obtained at the best possible prices and time.
  •  Monitor and regulate the use of project materials and supplies.
  • Ensure the maintenance and/or repair of the equipment as soon as possible, in collaboration with the Logistics officer, the Financial Administrator and the National Finance Administrator (for expenses not covered by the projects).
  • Supervise and support the Logistics officer, in close collaboration with the National Logistics officer.
  • Deal with the operation and management of the base/Guest House, in close collaboration with the Finance Administrator and Logistics officer.

5) At the Level of Represenation:

  • Serve as the liaison person with the government, with partners and humanitarian actors at the local level as well as with the local church.
  • Represent JRS in meetings with local partners and humanitarian actors (NGOs, UN Agencies, National Associations, etc.), but also with people served and representatives of the Government on delegation from the National Office.

6) At Communication Level:

  • Communicate regularly with the Head of Programme, informing him/her of significant changes and changes in the activities of project (s) and in the management of human and financial resources, without ignoring foreseeable challenges and decisions.
  • Meet regularly with the Country Director and his technical teams

7) At the Level of Advocacy and Communication :

  • Share information and inform the Country Office of JRS about advocacy needs and emergencies.
  • Facilitate the identification and justification of the advocacy aspects arising from or related to the projects implemented, as well as the rights and dignity of the people served, which it is appropriate for us to defend and/or promote.
  • Support the structures of the local Church in the recovery of the challenges to be faced in order to better serve, accompany and defend the rights of our people served (refugees, displaced, returned, etc.) in a given context.

Qualifications, Experience and Qualities

  • To better assume these tasks and responsibilities, the Project Manager should:
  • Have a university degree (BA/Bsc or MA/Msc) in the selected field of intervention (Project Management, Education Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, etc.)
  •  -Have at least five years of professional experience in the field of project management.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, active listening skills, initiative and personal discipline, etc.
  • Have experience coordinating and managing human resources.
  • Good financial management and/or budget management experience.
  • -Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information
  • Have good computer skills and mastery of MS Office tools
  • Mastery of English (fluency in spoken and written languages).
  • Experience writing reports and conducting research.
  • Knowledge of Local language would be an added advantage
  • Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of projects/ Programmes, development and/or humanitarian service.
  • Proven work experience in multicultural and stressful environments.

Method of Application
Kindly send CVs to Application ends 30th August, 2019

Due to the number of CV to be reviewed early Birds have upper hand.

Kindly note; only Shortlisted Candidate would be contacted



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