Government Coordinating Bodies:

North East Development Commission (NEDC)
The NEDC which was established in 2016 formally kick-off its function in 2019 to pursue the recovery and development of North-East Nigeria. As part of the strategy to harmonise all federal government efforts in the conflict-ravaged region, the commission formally took over from the Presidential Committee on North East Initiative (PCNI) – established by President Muhammadu Buhari to serve as the primary national strategy, coordination and advisory body for all interventions in the North-East.

Humanitarian Coordination Platform

This platform, led by the government, provides an avenue for all government and non-government humanitarian actors to meet regularly.

Civil-Military Coordination (CMCoord) Forum – Abuja/Maiduguri
This forum provides a platform for the humanitarian community to interface with the Nigerian military on security issues in the North-East and to an extend Nigeria. Regular meetings are held to find common ground on security issues, as well as share updates, challenges and key decisions affecting both parties. The forum operates at the Abuja and Maiduguri levels respectfully.

INGO Representation: NIF Secretariat, INSO and NRC (Maiduguri)
INGO Representation: NIF Secretariat (Abuja)