GIRL EFFECT: Terms of Reference for IT Support

  1. Introduction

Girl Effect is a global organization which puts girls at the heart of development by pioneering a distinctive approach to social norm change for adolescent girls living in poverty. GE began as a movement to help put girls on the development agenda by launching to a wide audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2009 with the Girl Effect film, which challenged people to think differently about the role girls play in society. Championed by the NIKE Foundation (which began investing in girls in 2004) and in collaboration with the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and multiple partners, we set out to get the world to stop seeing girls as part of a global poverty problem and to see them, instead, as participants and even co-creators of new solutions based on their reality.

Girl Effect works on the demand side of development to enable, accelerate and amplify the supply and uptake of services. Evidence shows that even when opportunities and supply side services are available to girls, social norms hold them back. We believe our approach can inspire change and significantly shorten the path for improving development outcomes for adolescent girls living in poverty – and indeed for poverty eradication writ large – due to the ripple effect that empowered girls and women create in societies.

  1. Objectives

The present Terms of Reference aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness of IT services leveraging the skills and capabilities of professional vendors, enhancing user productivity, knowledge and awareness. It is also aimed at improving hardware spares management and software library support for the Girl Effect Nigeria Country Office in Maitama. The service should be provided based on a fixed annual fee.

  1. Background

Girl Effect Nigeria office is located at 1297 Ikogosi Springs Street, Maitama, Abuja. It currently has around 20 end users.

  1. Responsibility of the service provider
  • The service provider shall assume full responsibility for the maintenance, operations and enhancement of the system to ensure optimal performance that meets or exceeds GEN expectations in terms of availability and responsiveness as defined by agreed service levels. This entails the maintenance, operational support, systems enhancement and upgrade, and managing the performance of the system.
  • The service provider shall be expected to provide the technical and advisory support to users of these systems, and to make required break-fix repairs to any component of the system so that its operational performance does not degrade below established thresholds. These entails ensuring that service availability, capacity and performance meet or exceed agreed upon service levels.
  1. Additional Notes
  • The successful service provider is expected to obtain and maintain the requisite skills and to establish and maintain adequate presence at the GEN office to meet the requirements set out above
  • The service provider must have proven knowledge of Mac and compatibility to other IT equipment – printers etc. to problem solve efficiently
  • Carry out infrastructure tune-ups, enhancements and upgrades required to maintain or improve performance as identified by the service provider or as requested by GEN from time to time.
  • Attend to and resolve incidents and problems relating to service performance in terms of availability, reliability and capacity
  • Ensure sufficient and stable power supply for all equipment, and that environmental conditions are suitable for location of equipment
  • Ensure back-up system for all electronic files, and that network is protected from virus, spy ware (e.g. firewalls)
  • Ensure that no pirated software is being used
  • The service provider is required to set up laptops, projectors and printers during conferences, training and meetings if required by the office
  • Ensure 1-2 hours response time in case of reported emergency
  • Report monthly on network performance
  1. Scope of the assignment
  • Application management
  • Network administration and desktop support
  • System administration and MS Exchange support
  • Security administration
  1. Contractual and Payment stipulations
  • Contract duration : 1 year
  • The contract is subject to a three-month probationary period
  • Girl Effect will pay for services delivered based on the invoice and service log forms signed off by the service provider staff and the GEN designated staff.
  1. Submission Documents
  • Quote for the above services clearly stating daily rate for support services
  • Work plan for one year including specific actions and number of days per week that the provider will work in the office
  • Experience and technical qualifications of technical advisors (Attach CVs)
  1. Qualification Requirement

5 years relevant experience in provision services in nature, scale and complexity commensurate with present terms of reference. The company must have at least three similar contracts preferably international/intergovernmental organizations. Evidence of these contracts are required: references from other clients are highly welcome.

  1. Procedure for Submission of Proposals

Interested firms should submit their Proposals including company profile to before close of business on 12/12/2018.


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