Forum Post: Nigeria INGO Forum Quarterly Newsletter – Issue 12 & 13 (October 2018 – March 2019)

In this edition, NIF's effort in keeping international community informed of critical priorities and emerging issues in the north-east response was highlighted. From landmark dialogue between UK Secretary of State for Defence and civil society in Maiduguri to a briefing in Geneva on an overlooked protection situation in the north-east crisis. Others include how NIF and its members are working on collective solutions by setting priority areas for 2019, making progress in addressing bureaucratic challenges, calling for funding of UNHAS' critical services, among others. In addition, this edition touched on how NRC is increasing communities' resilience and DRC is working with conflict-affected communities. Finally, NIF bids farewell to Roisin Mangan, who worked tirelessly in elevating the crisis in-country and with member states.

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