Forum Post: Nigeria INGO Forum Quarterly Newsletter – Issue 20 (October – December 2020)

The 20th edition of the NIF Forum Post newsletter highlights the growing humanitarian concerns in the north-east and how the humanitarian community is addressing these needs. The edition also puts into context the ever-increasing complex emergency in the north-west, giving an insight into the humanitarian situation in the region based on information recently collected by humanitarian agencies, and on NIF contribution to the discussions.

In the north-west, food security levels are increasingly concerning, thus more international NGOs, in addition to the very few on the ground, are expanding operations to a region already at the lower ebbs of poverty and development indexes. REACH’s work in this region focuses on improving the understanding of the context, ACTED supports food security with a nexus approach, and CAID supports livelihoods.

In the north-east, access to the people in need of humanitarian assistance is limited, and food security indicators are increasingly worrisome; the COVID-19 pandemic has further deepened the poverty, hunger and access to services of people already in a dire situation from years of armed conflict. In this edition, NRC and COOPI give an insight into how they are meeting water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and livelihood needs in affected communities to ensure self-sustenance amidst COVID-19 pandemic. The edition also highlights how International Alert is advancing women’s participation in community peace mechanisms and how CBM provides targeted life-saving relief to people with disabilities (PWDs).

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