To better respond to the strategic and operational needs, NIF currently adopts a two-tier structure under the overall leadership and guidance of the Country Directors Group and an elected Steering Committee.

Secretariat: Currently seven (7) full time dedicated Nigerian and international staff based in Abuja and Maiduguri, led by the Director, and accountable to all Country Directors and Humanitarian Managers.

Country Directors Group (or ‘Plenary Group’): The senior decision-making body for the INGO Forum that acts as a forum for information exchange, communication, consensus building and overall strategic guidance on INGO Forum activities.

Steering Committee: An elected body of a minimum of five (5) representatives at Country Director level to strategically guide the Secretariat, work-plans, and agreed to priorities. Representatives include:

  • Claudine Mensah Awute, Country Director, CARE
  • Darius Radcliff, Country Director, Mercy Corps (standing seat as host of the Forum Secretariat) and current Chair of INGO Forum Executive Committee
  • Ghada Hatim, Country Director, Solidarites International
  • Jean Christophe Gerard, Country Director, INTERSOS
  • Vincent Vial, Director Lake Chad Basin, INSO

Humanitarian Platform: A body comprised of Humanitarian Managers and some Country Directors located in Maiduguri (Borno State) to act as an operational space for dialogue, information sharing and guiding activities in the north-east.

Working Groups: INGO Forum groups include: INGO Advocacy Working Group (IAWG), Human Resources Working Group (HRWG), Logistics Working Group (LWG), Finance Working Group (FWG), Development Working Group (DWG) and a Government Engagement Group (Ad Hoc). Other groups come up based on need such as the Election Steering Committee.

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