What is an INGO and what is the Nigeria INGO Forum?

An INGO which stands for International Non-Governmental Organisation is a non-profit, non-government organization with legal status in its home country and global presence in other countries. An INGO can be established as an association, foundation, not-for-profit company, trust, society or charity. However, the common link is the not-for-profit principle; that is, the idea, that the organization, however formed, is pursuing a non-profit mission and prohibited from distributing profit.

The Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF), currently hosted by Mercy Corps helps coordinate the efforts of its member operations in Nigeria, some of whom are operational in north-east Nigeria.

NIF provides a collective voice for members to elevate humanitarian operational realities and challenges nationally, regionally and internationally. Through strengthening coordination, increasing information sharing and fostering partnerships with all actors, including the Government of Nigeria, United Nations, National NGOs and Donors, the INGO Forum works as the critical link pushing for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and usage of much needed aid to affected populations.

What benefits will INGO derive if it joins the Nigeria INGO Forum?

Members of the Forum recognise the value of increased transparency and mutual accountability through one coordinating body as one of the benefits of this Forum.

How is the Nigeria INGO Forum Financed?

Funding of the Forum is supported by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).

Where is NIF Secretariat located?

The Nigeria INGO Forum is currently hosted by Mercy Corps in Nigeria till 2019. Members will rotate hosting the Forum every 2 years.

The host is responsible for providing the office space of the Forum Secretariat, as well as providing operational support. However, the Forum remains neutral and exists primarily to serve the needs of its members and to act in their interest for a better delivery of service to beneficiaries.

How can an INGO become a member of the Nigeria INGO Forum?

The INGO must be legally registered and operating in Nigeria.

Are all members of the Nigeria INGO Forum working in Nigeria?

Yes, all members of the Forum are physically active in Nigeria.

Can businesses, for-profit companies, or individuals join the Nigeria INGO Forum?

The Forum does not extend its membership to all NGOs, for-profit companies, or individual as it is designed to answer to the specific needs of International NGOs active in Nigeria and to act as focal point for the international civil society in Nigeria.

What is the governance structure of the Nigeria INGO Forum?

The INGO Forum has the following 3-body decision making structure:

  • INGO Plenary Assembly (made up of Country Directors and alternates)
  • Steering Committee of 5 INGOs (ACF, Care, INTERSOS, Mercy Corps and Oxfam)
  • INGO Forum Secretariat – consists of the Forum staff and hosted by members of the Forum on a rotational basis (every 2 years).

In addition, the INGO Forum functions through different Working Groups such as Humanitarian Managers WG, Advocacy WG, Finance WG, Logistics WG, HR WG and Government Engagement Committee (Ad hoc). These meetings allow for information exchange, serve as a platform for sharing ideas, challenges and also for tasking the Forum secretariat to follow-up issues affecting Forum members.