Exploring concrete ways to improve the north-east Nigeria response in 2019


Second Annual General Assembly (AGA) Panel Discussion – Abuja, Wednesday 23 January 2019

The Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF) is organising a panel discussion which will bring together practitioners, civil society, donors, senior humanitarian leadership and government to discuss how to concretely improve the humanitarian response in 2019. With the ever-evolving and deteriorating security situation, it is proving more difficult to stay and deliver a quality and fit for purpose response serving the needs of the affected populations. Panellists will reflect on the existing challenges of protection, access and coordination under the current operational realities of influxes of new arrivals, limited land and increasing insecurity.

Ongoing conflict, cyclical disease outbreak, lack of availability of land and deprivation of resources combined with daily influxes of arrivals continue to overstretch the north-east Nigeria response. 7.1 million people remain in urgent need of life-saving assistance with 1.8 million people displaced and over 5 million people in need of protection services. Recognising the ongoing and ever-evolving challenges, the panellists will discuss what is needed to better react and respond to existing and new emergencies. As 2018 marked the adoption of the Access Strategy and the Centrality of Protection Strategy, panellists will explore what is needed for a more effective operationalisation of these strategies in 2019. Also recognising the critical role of community engagement and meaningful partnerships with local actors, panellists will reflect on how we can rebuild trust deficits and ensure better community acceptance. The discussion will be an open constructive space where a range of actors can voice current challenges and opportunities with the aim of reaching a consensus on concrete ways to better improve the delivery of aid to affected populations in north-east Nigeria.

AGA 2019 Panel Discussion Concept Note

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