The NIF fosters information exchange and cooperation among humanitarian and development actors in Nigeria, promoting and strengthening coordination of activities and encouraging the development of a conducive environment for NGOs’ work in Nigeria. The Forum has several working groups which supports the Forum’s goals of information sharing.

Humanitarian Platform

The Humanitarian platform serves to strengthen quality and coordination of the humanitarian response in the North-East and meets bi-weekly.

Advocacy Working Group (AWG)

Advocacy Working Group exists to build alliances within INGOs and provide collective positioning nationally, regionally and internationally on cross-cutting issues within the north-east response such as protection, principled response, access and funding.

Human Resources Working Group (HRWG)

The human resources ensure the quality of professionalism in recruitment and sustainability in the use of human talent through coordination and information sharing on best practices.

Logistics Working Group (LWG)

The logistics working group tackles common operational challenges relating to the importation of essential goods, services and medical supplies in the humanitarian response, while sharing information on potential for collaboration and pooled resources.

Finance Working Group (FWG)

Navigating the regulatory environment around complex tax and payment issues in Nigeria is the function of the Finance working group.

INSO Roundtable

INSO hosts its members in regular roundtable discussions. To learn more about INSO, kindly visit here.

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