MORE THAN A TEACHER – Education in the midst of chaos: The Inspiring Story of Hassan

There is tension in the air and people are restless. There are rumours that something is going to happen so the school is closed early. As Hassan Modu steps out of his school to begin his journey home, there is an explosion. Although Hassan escapes unharmed, two of his colleagues are killed in the blast. […]

Christian Aid: Partnering with WFP in Food Assistance

Mai Bunu Mustapha was once a beans trader who had about 40 apprentices under his supervision. He had big clients in Lagos and other parts of the country. The 60-year-old Bolori resident is one of the recipients of food items under the WFP funded food security intervention. He says his standard of living has greatly […]

A RACE AGAINST CHILD MORTALITY: How ALIMA is Fighting Malnutrition in Muna Garage

The Problem The magnitude of the humanitarian crisis in north-east Nigeria has driven 1.7 million people away from their homes to camps and host communities, where those without relatives resort to using twigs and grasses to make ad hoc shelters outside the communities or in some cases, within host communities. The nearly decade-long crisis is […]

LOCAL RESPONDER CAPACITY STRENGTHENING: Prioritized Training Areas from Past Local Partner Capacity Building Initiatives of the Dutch-Funded Nigeria Joint Response (NJR)

The Nigeria Joint Response (NJR) is one of several Joint Responses (JR), the Dutch government funds through the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), in countries with acute and protracted humanitarian crises. Through JRs, INGOs[1] as a consortium, federate their strengths to reach collaboratively as well as in a more coordinated and timely manner, beneficiaries in need. […]