Coordination and Information Sharing

NIF provides a coordinated approach through which INGOs, the Government of Nigeria, the UN, donors and other external stakeholders can exchange information, shared expertise, and establish guidelines for a more coordinated, efficient and effective use of aid resources in Nigeria. NIF ensures that there is effective and transparent sharing of information relevant to both its members and external stakeholders.


NIF represents the interests of its INGO members in external coordination mechanisms, with key stakeholders, and ensures INGO participation in critical decision-making platforms to guide an inclusive, effective and principled response.

Evidence-Based Advocacy and Policy Engagement

NIF builds alliances between INGOs and provides collective positioning on critical issues such as principled response, protection, access and funding, to influence key formal and informal policy makers at country, regional and international levels. Since October 2017, NIF has organized four meetings with traditional leaders in Borno state, the first time INGOs had collectively engaged. 

Partnerships and Capacity Building

NIF commits to the development and capacity building of NGOs to be able to operate in a principled and effective manner in Nigeria through dedicated training support on commonly identified needs and gaps. Since September 2017, NIF has organized trainings for INGOs and local partners in the 3 north-east states (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe) including 7 deep-field locations in Borno state. The trainings focused on Humanitarian Principles, Sphere Standards and Principled Humanitarian Response.

News & Updates